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Focus on what you do best: make incredible games

Aspyr Media, Inc. got its start in Austin, TX by bringing the biggest PC gaming franchises such as Call of Duty, Sid Meier’s Civilization and Star Wars to Mac.

Today, we find the world's best games and connect them to new audiences, on all platforms. Let us handle engineering and production services. Focus on what you do best: make incredible games.

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Our Highlights

Full-Service Developer & Publisher

Based in Austin, Texas

Founded in 1996

Expertise on All Platforms

100+ Games Published

70+ employees

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An All-in-One Studio


System-Level Engineering

Platform & Store Optimization

UI/UX Customization

Quality Assurance
& Production

Desktop & Console Certifications

Development Sweeps & Guidance

Compatibility Testing


Creative partnerships

Brand protection

Marketing & Strategy

Community Management


Content Updates

Compatibility patches

Player Advocacy & Support

Platform Sales Management



We’ve worked with industry-leading engines – Unreal, Unity and many custom proprietary engines.

Our custom tool, Aspyr Studio Libraries, allows us to take one gaming experience and rapidly multiply it across many platforms.


Active Player Network

We’ve built a network of diverse games and players and we are constantly re-engaging them with a robust automated CRM.

Using our ProLog tool, we message players directly in-game and dynamically serve content that drives action.



We support ALL gaming platforms on desktop, mobile, and console. We’re always looking at future trends and opening paths to new audiences for our partners’ games.

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