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The Challenges of Multiplayer on Steam and Mac App

Tags:   GameAgent, Aspyr, Mac App Store, Steam, multiplayer   •   Date:  01/11/13

Our Vice President of Publishing Elizabeth Howard recently published an article on the GameAgent Blog detailing the complexities and challenges that a Mac publisher faces when trying to implement multiplayer in a licensed game on multiple platforms. It's a fascinating and highly-recommended read for anyone interested in the nuances of the Mac publishing industry (and a must-read for general fans of Aspyr!).

New Community Multiplayer Event to Feature Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Tags:   Aspyr, multiplayer, Call of Duty 4, Black Ops   •   Date:  06/22/12

Great news, multiplayer fans! We’re putting together a brand new community multiplayer event that will allow you to test your skills both with and against the Aspyr dev team!

Aspyr to Begin Hosting Multiplayer Events for Community

Tags:   Aspyr, Quake 4, multiplayer   •   Date:  05/ 1/12

The team at Aspyr Media has devised a brilliant new way for the community to connect with its favorite Mac publisher: a series of multiplayer events in which members of the community face off against the Aspyr dev team in a variety of Aspyr’s multiplayer games!