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The Challenges of Multiplayer on Steam and Mac App

January 11, 2013

Our Vice President of Publishing Elizabeth Howard recently published an article on the GameAgent Blog detailing the complexities and challenges that a Mac publisher faces when trying to implement multiplayer in a licensed game on multiple platforms. It's a fascinating and highly-recommended read for anyone interested in the nuances of the Mac publishing industry (and a must-read for general fans of Aspyr!).

“Can I play this game with my friends?” It’s a seemingly simple question that is asked by the majority of Mac gamers; unfortunately, getting to a simple “yes” or “no” (or “maybe”) answer is more often than not a much more complex process. In fact, multiplayer gaming can be a confusing landscape on the Mac, with each product often offering a slightly different take.  We wanted to take the opportunity to explain the development challenges when supporting multiplayer gaming on the Mac in hopes this helps our audience better understand the decisions and processes that go into providing a Mac multiplayer experience; this will hopefully in turn help you make an educated decision when purchasing games on the Mac.  There are lots of nuances for each platform, game and the parties involved, but the below gives a basic overview of the realities in multiplayer Mac gaming.

To read the whole article, please head over to the GameAgent Blog. And be sure to leave comments and questions!