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Poker Pals Announces EPIC Update, iPad Giveaway

May 31, 2012

Aspyr has got some big, big news for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. Some could even say it’s EPIC! The latest update to Aspyr and Chillingo’s poker-meets-word games mashup Poker Pals has hit the iTunes App Store today, bringing huge changes with it.

Perhaps most exciting is the new EPIC game mode. This enhanced version of the original game mode increases the size of the board to an 11x11 grid, introduces 2x and 3x multipliers, and takes Jokers off the board and into your hand, meaning you can play wild cards anywhere on the board! Watch out, though—once played, Jokers remain wild, meaning your opponent can also take advantage if you’re not careful! For those not quite ready to try the EPIC mode, the Classic mode is still available to play.

Another exciting change is that Poker Pals has become a single FREE universal app! Players no longer have to decide between paid or unpaid, iPhone or iPad—it’s just one free app available across the board for all devices. Some users may have to re-download the app if they used either of the iPad versions or the free iPhone version, but it’s a simple process, and your login and achievements will remain the same.

Other notable updates include:

  • 8 total languages, including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese
  • Retina display support for iPhone and iPad
  • Enhanced sign-in process via Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • Seamless account across all devices
  • Ability to plan your moves ahead while waiting on your opponent

To properly celebrate this EPIC release, we’re also holding an EPIC Sweepstakes on Facebook! Fans of Poker Pals will have the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a selection of great prizes, including t-shirts, drinking glasses, iPhone cases, an iPod Touch, and even an iPad! Bonus entries will be given to those who share the sweepstakes with friends.

Finally, if you're more of a Twitter fan, keep up on all things Poker Pals by following @PokerPalsGame!