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GameAgent Interviews Aspyr President Michael Rogers

October 20, 2011

Aspyr Media's GameAgent Blog recently sat down with Aspyr President Michael Rogers to discuss the new Aspyr.com as well some upcoming Aspyr projects. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

What was your vision when things got started?  How has that changed over the last 15 years?

MR: The vision for Aspyr was (and still is) to build a great company that delivers "fun" to people around the world. When we stared the company in 1996, my entire history of computing had been on the Mac, and when we saw that big companies were abandoning Apple during the mid-1990's, it was great opportunity for a start-up to bring triple A products to Mac users like me.

Today, we are the largest Mac games publisher in the world. I think we're also the best at what we do - from converting games natively to run on the Mac, to sales, service and more. Our promise to our customers is we will bring the best Mac games to them; our promise to our licensing partners is that we will make them more money, bring them more fans, and make their brands more valuable to a very important consumer segment.

The industry is wildly different place that it was 15 years ago. The definition of a "video game", the accessibility of games, the users, the devices and the way games are bought and sold have all changed pretty dramatically. That games are so malleable and available is why this industry is so exciting.

One thing that hasn't changed for us is that we put our customers first, always. In the old days, pretty much the only way we would hear from a customer was if they sent back the self-addressed registration card, or called or emailed us for support. Today, it's much easier to get user feedback, and we take it seriously. We know we must make it even easier for our customers to give us feedback and have a relationship. It's critical for us, and really to any company now.

Today, our vision is the same was it was in the beginning -- to build a great game company that delivers fun to people around the world. The good news is, the planet is overflowing with people who want to play games. There's never been a better time a company like Aspyr in the games industry.

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