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Borderlands 2 Mac App Update Brings New Features and Content

April 8, 2013

A new update has been released for Borderlands 2 on the Mac App Store bringing a host of new features and content to the award-winning title!

Mac App players are now able to play cooperatively online with other Mac players from their Game Center Friends list. Additionally, achievements are now included with Game Center support so that players have a way to show off their Borderlands 2 prowess.

Furthermore, Mac App players now have exclusive access to a pair of leader boards via Game Center. These leader boards track character levels and Badass Ranks. The leader boards provide a great way to find new players to play with, as Borderlands 2 Mac App players can even search the leader boards and extend Game Center Friend invites.

Beyond these features, all major pieces of Borderlands 2 DLC are now available to purchase in the Mac App version of Borderlands 2 via in-app purchases. This new content opens up all new areas of Pandora to explore, adds powerful new guns and gear for players to acquire, introduces powerful new enemies, and even grants access to a 5th playable character, the Mechromancer!

And for the explosive cherry top on top, Borderlands 2 is getting an even deeper discount on the Mac App Store for a limited time!

To learn more about the game and these updates, visit the Borderlands 2 Mac FAQs on the GameAgent Blog or check out the game directly on the Mac App Store.