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Award-Winning Paraworld Goes Gold

December 9, 2006

Austin, TX - Aspyr Media, Inc., today announced that the North American version of the highly anticipated RTS ParaWorld has gone gold and will hit store shelves in late September. ParaWorld features a rich single-player campaign with a compelling storyline, as well as deep, well-balanced multiplayer gameplay. ParaWorld also puts a singular twist on the real-time strategy genre with its revolutionary new unit management systems- the Army Controller and Army Builder. In addition, the title places gamers in command of one of three unique warring factions, each in command of a ferocious arsenal of massive, weapon-wielding dinosaurs and other armed prehistoric beasts.

“There is something written on our DNA that makes us look at certain things and say ‘woah cool’, like a volcano erupting, a Frisbee dog with three legs or a monkey with a switchblade. When we first saw ParaWorld we had that same instinctual reaction,” said Ted Staloch, Executive Vice President of Publishing at Aspyr. “Dinosaurs with weapons? Nature’s most vicious creations combined with man’s destructive ingenuity? These two amazing things have finally joined forces in an RTS that we can’t stop playing. As a publisher of great games, it is Aspyr’s responsibility to bring the very best titles to millions across the globe. ParaWorld is a game that will challenge any PC title shipping this year because it excels with a innovative concept that is fun to play over and over and over again.”

ParaWorld is a real-time strategy game in which warring tribes team with vicious prehistoric beasts wage brutal combat for control of a world that is parallel to our own. Armed with devastating weapons, commanding powerful fighting dinosaurs and controlling up to 50 units, players go into battle in gripping single-player and multiplayer action. Up to eight players can battle each other via a LAN or the Internet on one of more than 15 multiplayer maps and three multiplayer modes- Team Deathmatch, Defender (one player has to defend his base against all the other players), and Domination (capture the flag).

ParaWorld utilizes an unprecedented unit management user interface called the Army Controller, which truly evolves the genre and goes beyond the typical RTS interface. The Army Controller interface appears unobtrusively on the screen. Players can view all of their units at a glance and have general awareness of each unit’s health, danger, activity and level-up capabilities. Using the Army Controller, players can select several units consecutively, even if they are spread across the map, in just seconds by simply marking the unit icons in the Army Controller.

In ParaWorld’s robust single-player campaign players get to know and play three different tribes —the Norsemen, Dustriders and Dragon Clan. Each tribe is based on a different ancient culture and each sports its own unique play style, units, architecture, skills, and controllable beasts. Utilizing their tribe’s skills, and with the help of nine controllable hero characters, players explore 16 equally atmospheric and dangerous prehistoric scenarios located in five climatic zones. Each level contains main quests and side quests.

For more information visit www.ParaWorld.com

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