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Aspyr to Begin Hosting Multiplayer Events for Community

May 1, 2012

The team at Aspyr Media has devised a brilliant new way for the community to connect with its favorite Mac publisher: a series of multiplayer events in which members of the community face off against the Aspyr dev team in a variety of Aspyr’s multiplayer games!

The multiplayer events are designed to be fun ways for members of the Aspyr community to test their mettle against the highly-skilled (and sometimes unrelenting) members of the Aspyr dev team. The events are currently scheduled to be held on Friday afternoons throughout the year and will feature various Aspyr games with multiplayer capabilities. Those who face the dev team and triumph will be showered with prizes, glory, and the affection and worship* of the Mac gaming community.

*Only prizes are guaranteed.

The first event will be held this Friday, May 4, beginning at 2pm. The game of choice? The newly re-released Quake 4!

The event will consist of five 1-vs-1 deathmatches and two 2-vs-2 team deathmatches, all on randomly-chosen maps to prevent any one party from getting an edge. The event will start at 2pm CST sharp and will last approximately 3 hours. Winners will receive an Aspyr t-shirt for their excellent show of skill.

The catch? There are only a limited number of spots open to participate. To ensure you get a chance to challenge our best, be one of the first nine participants to email us at multiplayer@aspyr.com with “Quake 4” in the subject line. Once we receive your entry, we will contact you via email with the name of the server we will be hosting, the password, and the time you should log in. After that, the only thing saving you from defeat are your skills and an itchy trigger finger!

1-vs-1 Deathmatch Settings:

  • Time Limit - 10 Min
  • Frag Limit - 20
  • Default settings

2-vs-2 Team Deathmatch Settings:

  • Time Limit - 15 Min
  • Frag Limit - 25
  • Default settings