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Aspyr Releases Sushi Mushi 2.0 Update

February 28, 2013

Aspyr's critically-acclaimed iOS game Sushi Mushi (available as a free, universal download for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) has received a major update that brings tons of great changes to the game, including a simplified scoring system, powerful new power-ups, and the ability to customize the look of players' monsters!

Here's an official rundown of what's new in version 2.0:

More time to play with Time Extenders

  • Collecting Bento Buddies now adds time to the game clock
  • When you level up your Bento Buddy, extra time is added to the game clock when that Buddy is collected

Take-Out Surprise Boxes

  • Hanabi Rockets – 3 fireworks destroy all sushi bites in their path
  • Bento Buddies – Bento Buddies can now come from Take-Out Boxes. This is important since Bento Buddies award extra game time

New Specials

  • Revised Shuffle – Shuffle is more powerful now. When activated, it will shuffle any visible Bento Buddies to the bottom of the screen where they will be collected.
  • Reversal of Fortune – Turns bad Take-Out Box Surprises to good ones.

Various Features

  • Six additional new monsters
  • Many more fortunes
  • Revised Game Score synopsis screens - now easier to understand.
  • Every 24 hours, you can ‘nudge’ your opponent to play their turn.
  • Better matchmaking for Random Opponents for more challenging games.
  • Share your successes and fortunes via Twitter and Facebook, and receive coins/rewards when you do so.
  • Facebook pictures of opponents within the Lobby for players who have signed in using Facebook.

Player Card

  • Within the Game Score screens, you can tap on your opponent’s monster to see their stats.

“Monster Bling”

  • Accessorize your monster with headgear, level belt bling, bracelets and other wrist wear, necklaces and belts.

Rule Changes

  • Removed defensive and offensive moves to simplify strategy. What you collect you eat, and the more you collect the better.
  • Color and Shape rolls still in game with bonuses for each.
  • Shape rolls, formerly Rob Rolls, give more points.
  • Bonus points for each bite collected above the minimum of 3 pieces of sushi.
  • Removed Dragon or Super Dragon Rolls

You can learn more about Sushi Mushi by visiting the Aspyr.com product page, or you can download now from the App Store!