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Aspyr Celebrates One Year on the Mac App Store

January 6, 2012

When Apple announced the Mac App Store as Apple's way of directly selling Mac software and Mac game downloads in late December of 2010, Aspyr was just as thrilled and surprised as the rest of the world. The thought of introducing the world of Mac gaming to literally millions of new people was incredibly exciting, not only to Aspyr but to the industry as a whole.

We worked quickly to get our first game ready for launch, and on January 13, 2011, we released Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in the Mac App Store. Over the course of the next year, Call of Duty 4 Mac was followed by 14 more releases, including brand new launches (Duke Nukem Forever Mac), recent games with Mac App Store-specific updates (Civilization V: Campaign Edition and the addition of in-app purchasing of DLC), and tons of great catalog releases updated for OS 10.7, some of which were greeting the Mac as digital downloads for the first time (Tomb Raider II Mac, NeverWinter Nights 2 Mac, Doom 3 Mac).

In all Aspyr released 15 games via the Mac App Store in 2011 and, as a result, saw more Mac games sold in total than ever before. To celebrate the success of the Mac App Store, we’ve decided to put some of our top selling games on sale so people who haven’t yet explored the top tier Mac games Aspyr has to offer can celebrate with us!

And what is on the horizon for 2012? To hint, people can expect fewer catalog releases but many more new releases from Aspyr, including the biggest brands in gaming. It’s going to be a great year. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements in coming weeks, and Happy New Year!

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