Borderlands® 2: Downloadable Content
Mac  Linux  ·  Shooter  Role Playing Games (RPG)  Expansion/DLC

Enhance your Borderlands 2 experience with all new content!

The Borderlands 2 Downloadable Content for Mac includes:

  • Mechromancer Pack
  • Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty
  • Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage
  • Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter's Pack
  • Psycho Pack
  • Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
  • Creature Slaughterdome
  • Season Pass
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter's Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge
  • Headhunter 1: TK Baja's Bloody Harvest
  • Headhunter 2: The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler
  • Headhunter 3: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day
  • Headhunter 4: Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre
  • Headhunter 5: Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax


Minimum System Requirements

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  • Operating System: 10.7.5 (Lion), 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion), 10.9.5 (Mavericks), 10.10.1 (Yosemite)
  • CPU Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core)
  • CPU Speed: 2.2GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 13 GB
  • Video Card (ATI): Radeon HD 2600
  • Video Card (NVidia): Geforce 8800
  • Video Card (Intel): HD 3000
  • Video Memory (VRam): 256 MB
  • Peripherals: Macintosh mouse and keyboard

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